Couldn’t take it anymore. After weeks and weeks of constant work, I took my first weekend off. First time waking up with no plans for work or any plans to go anywhere. First time having enough time to make coffee at home in months.

Feeling empty


It’s been cold, I’m exhausted, my back hurts, and I’m feeling so weird about everything. I checked and saw that I had a visitor. The visitor was from Pakistan. It made me smile. I’ve been staring at the Eid picture. My staff thinks you are simply gorgeous. I don’t know why I showed them…but then again I do a lot of stupid things.

I’ve been really trying to keep myself busy…it’s exhausting. At times I enjoy being out bc it makes me feel normal, but at the same time I hate it. Bc I know I’m doing it to try and fill an emptiness.

I hope Pakistan has been an amazing experience. I hope you didn’t get sick, and I hope you got to eat a lot of yummy food.